What People Are Saying

Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

Archbishop of Philadelphia

From first page to last, this is a book rich in three vital ways: a keen grasp of our current culture, its challenges and what to do about them; excellent counsel on the nature and skills of mentoring; and a passion for awakening the unrepeatable vocation of every Christian soul. Beautifully written, compellingly personal, and a treasure to read.

Robert Barron


This spiritually grounded, easy-to-read treatise is a solid piece of research, and yet, is still packed throughout with supporting anecdotes that the reader will recognize and appreciate. Eminently practicable Unrepeatable: Cultivating the Unique Calling of Every Person is for every Christian, especially the teacher, counselor, or spiritual director, who is truly serious about sifting through the cultural morass to find the “right” vocation, rather than just a job.

Dr. Petroc Willy

Catechetical Institute

This is a wonderful and rare book. It communicates beautifully the truth of the depth of the person, the “weight of glory” each person carries. It should be essential reading for all involved in catechesis. The chapters carefully unfold how we can better serve each precious soul, assisting each person to find his or her unique worth and calling within the glorious metanarrative of our heavenly Father’s redemptive “plan of the mystery” in Christ.

Russell Shaw

Author & Theologian

Little by little the realization is sinking in among serious Christians that everyone has a vocation--the unique calling that each of us receives from God to play a unique and unrepeatable part in God's redemptive plan. Unrepeatable will do much good by hastening the spread of a hugely important insight among an ever growing number of people. This book by Luke Burgis and Joshua Miller is clear, practical, and very much to the point. I recommend it highly.

Bob Keith


Understanding and promoting personal vocations is one of the most important ways to unlock the potential for true human flourishing in our society. Unrepeatable is a timely book that outlines a unique process to discover personal vocation based on the wisdom of the Church and encourages all of us to embark on this game-changing journey.

Msgr. Martin Schlag

University of St. Thomas

Luke and Joshua use the power of narrative to tell the story of stories: the story of the happiness that Jesus Christ has brought us. In an amenable style they convey deep thoughts taken from the treasure of Catholic faith. I recommend this book as a guide on your own individual path of vocation.

Andreas Widmer


This book is a call to all of us, personally and as a Church, to help each person uncover their call from God and radically pursue it during their unrepeatable time on earth. A must read for young and old. Saint John Paul II would be proud!

Lisa Hendey

Author, The Grace of Yes

With Unrepeatable, authors Luke Burgis and Joshua Miller invite us into the cherished but often daunting role of helping those in our care to discover and embrace their own unique vocational callings. By delving beyond programs and policies into a unique appreciation of and respect for one another's stories, we learn not only the gifts we have to give, but also the ineffable bond which unites our common purpose. Pick up this book to help others, but be prepared to rediscover the blessing of your own story too!

James Checchio

Bishop of Metuchen

The work of Luke Burgis and Joshua Miller in Unrepeatable: Cultivating the Unique Calling of Every Person is a welcome and necessary fresh approach to opening up the rich tradition of vocational discernment. They accomplish breaking open the stale and entrenched idea that a “vocation” is a pre cast decision dependent on God alone and requires one to figure it out like a puzzle. Through story and metaphor, relying on the wisdom of spiritual masters, sound philosophy and theology, along with examples in pop culture, they demonstrate that every person has a vocation. And it is found in the form of a “story”, a person’s own story. It is written in an engaging style that will appeal to young searching hearts. I enthusiastically encourage this book as means to help foster a new culture of vocational discernment.

Fr. Larry Richards

Priest and Author

I loved this book! You have a personal vocation given to you by God when He created you. ``Vocation is a gift from God that brings joy to those who receive it,`` the authors write. This book will help you discover and live your personal vocation and ultimately find your joy. Read this book and start living the life you were created for.

Kathleen Cahalan

Saint John’s University

Burgis and Miller have listened deeply to people’s stories, people such as C. S. Lewis, Dorothy Day, and Pope John Paul II but also to ordinary people such as Sam, Rachel, and Tony. Through these stories, they teach us that vocation is God’s calling to each of us to be the amazing, inimitable, distinctive—yes, unrepeatable!—person that God longs for us to be. Why? Because vocation is the way we live out and live into God’s holy mission in the world.

Unrepeatable is an essential guide for those who seek to discern God’s calling in their lives and to discern how best to call forth God’s calling in others, especially young people searching to find their place in God’s intentions.

We can best live out our callings when we first discern God’s unrepeatable creation that is the beauty of each our lives, and then turn toward others and help them discover their amazing unique place in God’s plans and ways.

Tim Clydesdale

Author, The Purposeful Graduate

There are few conversations more important than those involving a person’s vocation. Sadly, these conversations are rare, even among the faithful for whom such conversations should be most natural and frequent. Burgis and Miller’s Unrepeatable is rich with vocation stories and thoughtful cultural analyses that readers will be eager to engage with others. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to facilitate more frequent and better conversations about life’s purpose and our mission at this extraordinary moment.

Mark Matlock

Author, Youth Pastor

Joshua Miller and Luke Burgis get to the core of how to help young people find their way toward adulthood in complex and changing culture. Filled with deep insight and practical direction, Unrepeatable will guide those working with younger generations to mentor powerfully.

David Schmiesing

Franciscan University

In their book Unrepeatable, Luke Burgis and Joshua Miller advance the Church’s gradually developing understanding and articulation of the importance of personal vocation in the lives of all men and women. Their combination of theological, philosophical, and cultural commentary with practical, actionable methodology is unique and engaging. This book is essential for those who work with youth and young adults as teachers, coaches, mentors, advisors, or guides. But it will also be profoundly helpful for every Christian, young or old, trying to answer the question in their own daily life: “What is God calling me to do?”

Claire Alsup

Food Entrepreneur

Bob Dylan, David Foster Wallace, and Dorothy Day all in the same chapter...I was hooked after the first page. I think this book is the start of a movement, a new way of looking at vocations.